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We follow Agile Methodology and JIRA Tools for developing Software products, and thus the solutions become effective and efficient for our customer!

Get our digital marketing support and promote your product/service to thousands of users online. Thus we can help you to go your business more.

We develop responsive, secure and business oriented website so that it can interact with the visitors without the help of any human involvement!

We have highly skilled QA Engineers to test and ensure the quality of your Website and Software.

We make user experience oriented Mobile Application that can be effective and usable for people from any age, region or knowledge background!

We give you all kind of encryption tools, firewall mechanisms, backup tools and other solutions to make your Web and App Solutions secure!

SuperbNexus Limited

We are your one stop solution provider!

We have Zend, Microsoft and Oracle certified PHP, ASP.Net and JAVA Engineers from home and abroad.

We follow Agile Scrum Methodology for managing Developments and the Team. We have certified Scrum Masters in our team.

We have long years of experience to work with Web and Software products in local and also foreign market.

We provide all kind of solutions that you need for deploying your Website or Software. We are your single point solution provider.

Our Products

Digitalize your Business using our Cloud based Software Solutions

You Dream, we make your Dream true

Whether it is a personal or a business project…

We believe that, if our customer gets success, that will bring us success indirectly. So, we always try to make our customer happy and successful.

We not only help you to deploy your technological platform, but we also help you to grow your business with the help of that technology.

Maximum companies will give you software and will move away. We will stay with you always and will keep give you service support lifetime.

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Why chose SuperbNexus?

  • Experience
  • Standard
  • Technology
  • Quality
  • Support
  • Idea

We are in the IT business since 2005. Our staffs and management is highly experienced about software and web solutions.

You are safe to receive our advise because not only experience, but we are also rich with certified engineers. We have certified engineers for providing Web, Android, iOS, and Software Solutions.

Our team follow Agile Scrum Methodology, the best Framework for project management.

We have dedicated and certified Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Scrum Developer.

All our tasks are managed through standard methodologies and tools.

We always offer all the latest and best technologies to our clients. We never use backdated and deprecated technologies for our products.

Our team is always updated and synchronized with the latest technology updates. We ensure this through providing our team latest training.

All our solutions are tested and vetted through the Quality Assurance Process. We never let a solution go live without proper Quality Testing.

We have highly skilled Quality Assurance Engineer and Quality Testers who are working to maintain the standard of client products.

We never let you stand alone after deploying your product/service. We are always there to give you full support for our solutions.

After completion of your project if you need any kind of technical support we offer you training program, or give you on demand quality technical support.

We give you the best IT advises through consultancy. We are not only solution provider but also your business consultant to move it towards success.

How good we are?

IT Consultancy(100%)
Solution Development(100%)
Technical Support(100%)
Professional Training(100%)
Day of hard work
Haapy clients
Successful Projects
Year in Business

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